Bellow is the first bit of photography (or anything) that I have had published, it’s a fashion editorial in ATM magazine. I have been busy with shoots for Trainerspotter, they are Brighton based trainer/popular culture themed clothing brand run by a couple trainer collectors. Dan (aka danspotter on my phone) contacted me through the wondrous world of MySpace. He gave me samples. The models were picked and shot by me in my own time. I had never done any fashion shoots till the other month, they are really enjoyable and I would like to go down this path.

Here is a link to some nice things trainnerspotter wrote about me..

This is a good opportunity for me to get into fashion photography and a great piece to chuck in my portfolio, Dan's made a massive effort to get my work published which am very great full for. I got another shoot coming up soon, which I am looking forward to; but I will be out of element. This is because I don't know the model and it will have to be done in one take. Never the less I am excited about it. Ill put the results up as soon as I'm done.