Considering that my last blog mainly consisted of taxonomies, I decided it was a safe bet to go down that route again. I want to produce quite a few taxonomies this year. A taxonomy is a collection of photos which are all related to one another:

a system for naming and organizing things, especially plants and animals, into groups which share similar qualities

a taxonomic group/system'

I did quite a few last year which I wish to carry on with. Iwill also be doing quite a few new ones. The taxonomies that I am planning to do this year:

Tattooed women
Twins (or triplets)
Bedrooms with owner present in photo
Ethnic minorities who don't conform to their allocated stereotype
Every Person to enter my room
Artists (e.g painters, sculptors, illustrators ect... not musicians)
Male's reading (preferably books, can be magazines)
People who smoke

If you are any of the above, get in contact with me

This is the first taxonomy I did, it was based around people wearing the same hat: