Trainerspotter summer shoot

I recently did a photo shoot of the Trainerspotter late summer collection. It took place on a bright but cloudy day in Hyde Park. I was lucky enough to the shoot coincided with Kyrezy's and Kadeem's visit to London. They were great to work with, the boys didn't need much direction, they got some serious game faces. I love taking photos of twins (some times triplets), it was an enjoyable day, we went to the Jeff Koon exhibition but they had it on serious lock down, I wanted to get a couple of shots of Kye and Kadeem admiring a couple of pieces with the gnarly paintings as backdrops, but it weren’t to be . Dan of Trainerspotter came down to help conduct the shoot; he took the photo of the shoot in action at the bottom. They are going to be sent off to different magazines, I hope they get published in editorial. The T shirts are not till August but you can pick up a pair of the Chino's are online now . Here are a couple of my favorite shots: