Fixed Gear bikes

In all honesty, I'm not the biggest fan of bikes. I don't mind rolling round the country side on a bike on a nice sunny day, but when ever I take one on a busy road or into the city I usual have about two near death experiences. I might as well be riding a horse because I just end up stopping traffic and as soon as car gets too close ill be shittin all over the road. I recently was introduced to the world of fixed gear bikes. There different from regular bikes because the pedals are linked directly to the back wheel, that means that if your pedaling forward you go forward and if you pedal backwards you go backwards. These bikes are ridiculous, they haven't got any brakes and you cant coast; which sounds dangerous as sin to me and hard work. Nevertheless, these bikes look so slick and they have ill crews that go on casual rides together or races. Fixed Gear bikes will be the next big thing and are something to watch out for; it will definatly be another bandwagon for the "Bandwagan Bois"to jump on to, just because its perceived as the in thing, but they wont respect it or the history around em. I dont intend to invest my money money that will inevitably end with some serious pain and possible death; but the fixed gear scene in London is something I am planning to explore with my camera. Check out this web site

Here is an photo I took of my friend gono on a fixed gear: